In 2019 I established my own crochet brand and created all of my branding for it. This included an original hand-drawn logo design refined in Adobe Illustrator, the creation of other marketing materials such as business cards and care instructions, and photography of all of my original pieces being modeled by friends and other creators in the area.

Main Logo_ScorchinStitchesCOLOR.jpg


First hand drawn then scanned into Adobe Illustrator to be traced and refined. I wanted the fire shape and for it to resemble a ball of yarn which needed some attention to the thick and thin of the lines. The crossed crochet hooks at the bottom were created using the pen tool freehand before I applied the same effect used to alter the thick and thin of the lines in the yarn. I purchased the typeface Biographer so that I could use it commercially and it has been my branding go-to ever since.


It was important that my clients have something with their orders that teaches them how to care for their handmade pieces. I used Illustrator to create a front and back designs before ordering in bulk from MOO.

website care instructions.jpg
business card.jpg


A simplistic design created in Illustrator. The logo on the back of the card was submitted to MOO in black so that they could add gold foil in its place. It was my favorite business card design to date.