Some of the various projects I completed while I was the school manager and in-house graphic design at Radha School of Music in Cedar Park, TX. I used Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and Photoshop on a regular basis while I was employed there and created everything from informational brochures to whimsical bathroom signs.

binder front RSM.jpg


Created for all of the complementary binders we give to new students. I found a font that is entirely music notes and typed them out individually before converting them to shapes. When I had enough characters, I laid them out as if they were breaking off of the musical staff that reads the notes to "I Love Rock N Roll"

RSM Business Cards Design.jpg


One of the first projects I did for this company was making their business cards with their new updated contact information and all of their offerings. The biggest challenge I faced was getting the notations the correct size on the musical staff on the back. There's a specific way they are supposed to sit on the staff and it was very important to the owner that it be represented accurately. The typeface I used on the back was one she loved very much so I used it in a majority of my projects for cohesion.

RSM Information Brochure_2021 FINAL.jpg


This was one of the projects with the most revisions. We worked out a lot of the small tweaks that needed to be made here and there as we decided together what would look best. I created the background from scratch using Photoshop and customized the map on the back using a free program I found online. I used InDesign to create the document with facing pages and set up the guides to have the exact measurements for tri-fold brochures (the differences between pages are decimals apart).

RSM Information Brochure_2021 FINAL2.jpg


I needed to fit a lot of information into a small amount of space in a cohesive way that wouldn't overwhelm the reader. I played with hierarchy and pushed my boundaries with margins.